Not Alone

by Rose-Erin Stokes

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Hassles I love this for so many reasons - the musicality, lyrics, voice, emotive depths & unpretentiousness. A bloody great album.
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All songs written by Rose-Erin Stokes © 2014
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Ben Leggett.
Recorded at The Wave Asylum, North Bay, Ontario
Album artwork by Alicia Cressall


released July 31, 2014

Rose-Erin Stokes - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Eric Treleaven - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro
Ben Leggett - Percussion, Bass, Programming
Meg Stokes - Vocals
Chris Cucullo - Vocals
Vince Aquilina - Vocals
Andrew Sowka - Vocals



all rights reserved


Rose-Erin Stokes North Bay, Ontario

Hailing from Northern Ontario, Rose-Erin Stokes' music is raw, honest and tells stories of love lost and silver linings. Her debut EP is full of vulnerable lyrics that give the listener a window into this songstress' heart. Her melodies range from ethereal pop to playful soul to toe tapping folk. ... more

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Track Name: If I Can't Have Your Love
Don't look back
Don't look behind
Where you have left your heart
Cause looking back means going back to the start

Turn around
I lost you in the crowd
I held you until you became too heavy love

With you it's always
Up not down
You have turned my world around and,

If I can't have your love
Then I wish you happiness
And if I can't feel your touch
Then I wish you all the best
And if it is not enough then take the rest of me
there's nothing left for me here love

You said don't wait
I waited at the train
For you to come on back again
I left my love right out there on the road

And I felt it
At our very first touch
I hoped you'd felt as much
You have taken me overboard


And you wave goodbye
Trying not to cry
And you walk away from me my love

So take the rest of me
There's nothing left for me
Take the rest of me
There's nothing left for me
Take the rest of me
There's nothing left for me here love
Track Name: Stay
I was hoping you'd remember but you just moved right along
I was hoping my voice it would stay in your head a little longer
I'm not sure what I've been waiting for what I've been playing at
I just know my hearts been out of place and I can't put it back
Cause you belong in my heart
And it makes sense
In my head
I can almost feel you
In my arms
You belong in my bed
So baby won't you come back and this time can you stay instead

And if it's true you have forgotten
Then I'll just move right along
But if I keep you in my memory
Baby is that so wrong
Maybe we'll meet again someday
And I'll step up and take me chance
I bet you're lovely still as ever before I remember every glance
Track Name: Coming Back For You
I still remember that night
Knew I was outta line
We always had bad timing, didn't we?

Didn't know I felt this way,
Till you were gone away,
Words I didn't say,
Things I never told you

Now I'm oceans away
And no I'm not complaining
Thought I had it made till I thought about you
Cause I know that I left too soon
And I am coming back for you
Cause I like the way you light up the room

I still remember the snow
And how you never showed
And how I felt alone without you

I guess that I hoped you would stay
Think it's better that way
Is it better that way
Now I'll never know

Prechorus/ chorus

Maybe I just thought I knew you
I just thought I knew you when I really didn't know you at all
Maybe I just wanted to, so I felt it all just to break my fall,
Baby can we just restart, you've still got my heart, you've still got it all
Yeah you've got it all
Pre-Chorus, Chorus
Track Name: Break
There you go,
Out of control
Again my love

Asleep so sweet
Only in dreams
Do I feel your love

Cause you took my heart like you weren't gonna break it (3X)
So what did you do that for?

Tried with all my might
Ribcage is tight
Not sleeping through the night

Asleep so sweet
Only in dreams
Do I feel your love

And I'm still broken down
I still can't figure out
Why it still hurts from my head to my to my toes 3X

Track Name: Not Alone
I've been walking down this road
I've got miles behind me and miles to go and
I don't know where I belong
I'm always singing the same old songs 2X

I have wasted all my dreams
I'm on a one way flight t nowhere without any means
I have fallen in the deepest of loves but I guess that it just wasn't enough
cause I only let them down so tough
I only let them down

Look up
There's still desire here
It's written in the the stars
And when you're looking away
It'll all fall into place
So don't lose hope
You are not alone

I've been down and I've been out
I've been with and I've been without
let them leave me full of doubt
But there's no sense believing all the things they talk about
And I just won't believe it even if they scream and shout
No I just won't believe
Track Name: Tonight
I feel beaten
Broken down and,
I feel second-rate at best it...

Doesn't make sense
For you to want me
Doesn't make me want you any less

Aways holding back my thoughts
Searching for the words I'll never say
While you're standing right in front of
But you feel a million miles away
Cause you are the song
That I'll never know the words to but I can't get out my head
Last thing on my mind
At night when I'm lying away in bed
Turn out the light
Pretty baby won't you stay with me tonight

(4 bar break)

It's a secret
Can you keep it
Its a give and take kind of thing
Overwhelmed and
Under blankets
It's a love and hate type of feeling
Always keep me
A safe distance
Are you just afraid to let me in
I don't think that
I can win this
But I'm gonna die trying

Cause I can feel it
In the way that you move (yeah it moves me)
Even if we've got everything to lose, were not losing
Cause I've waited so long to hold you
Tell me darlin do you feel it
Do you feel it too
Tell me darlin do you feel it
Do you feel it too