Wherever I Go

by Rose-Erin Stokes

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Hassles Coz' I'm such a huge fan and this is kinda' more of the same of that which I have so adored :-) Oh that voice, that voice - yeah, that why I love her so much. Oh that and her Songlines!
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Always On My Mind If I could then I would Make the whole world stop for you Slow motion, you’re always running You’re my only hope and you are the one who. Standing still Your own your own When you’re around It feels like home Don’t go making plans to say goodbye CHORUS Because you’re always on my mind Thought I knew every time But you are always on my mind And I fall Every time If I could then I would Take it back to the start Maybe, I should’ve Set you apart Cause all along I held back I held on To the courage I lack Honey won’t you look me in the eye CHORUS Convenience store coffees and loneliest mornings I’m getting by on thoughts of you Waking up only, are you coming back home Are you coming back to me now CHORUS
Back To Me 03:16
Back To Me! ! Aint it the sweetest thing! He’s got eyes like fire and a voice like rain! We could stick round’ here or we could go away ! It’s all the same! ! Ain’t it typical! When you wanna stay but you have to go! When you give your body but you lose your soul! You made me whole! ! CHORUS:! Oh baby oh baby don’t go away! There’s stars in your eyes and I can’t look away! You took me by surprise and I want you to stay! Oh won’t you come back to me one day! ! What are you looking for?! A conversation, maybe something more! A revelation or a saving force! Baby close the door! ! Say where and when! We can pick up the pieces and start over again! Still I’ll always remember you at 6am! Falling into bed! ! CHORUS! ! BRIDGE:! You took me under! Under your wing! Pulled me in and made me feel! I wanna follow you! This day-to-day life’s making me blue! It all leads right back to you! So won’t you stay
Wanderer 04:57
Wanderer Maybe I’ve seen what there is to see Maybe I am all that I can be Maybe you’ve had your fill of me I wouldn’t blame you I’d probably agree Maybe I should take the lonesome road Some people are just better off on their own But if you find somebody who feels like home, Hold them closely Don’t let them go You were always only halfway in And I was always honest foolish sin You say that you want to try again But honey can’t you see Don’t you count on me Cause I am a wanderer and wherever I go, there I’ll be, there I’ll be. He’s somewhere in between the dark and the light Somewhere in between the day and the night He’s the whiskey when I can’t sleep, the coffee when I wake The sweetest mistake that I ever made And maybe one day when I’m old and when I’m grey I’ll think of you and the love that we made But for now I’ll just pass you by Cause I’ve a ways’ to wander still until I see the light. PRECHOURUS CHORUS But there’s a line And it’s fine In between the lonely and being alone And I tried Oh I tried To make it feel like home
Make It True 03:07
MAKE IT TRUE You And me It’s like my favourite song And it’s playing on repeat Stay Or leave It doesn’t matter babe Because I always seem To fall To fall right back to you So take it easy Cut me clean now Or make it true All this time I never learned that much Love only left me blind Still in my mind Are all of the promises All of the lonely nights waiting CHORUS So did you get it figured out Are you in or are you out Are you looking for a reason just to breathe Honey I can’t be the one Cause honey I can’t feel your love Can’t hear anything you’re trying to say to me CHORUS
Be My Escape 03:16
Be My Escape Oh won’t you be my escape when the days are long and it gets hard to take we can crack a bottle and throw our cares away Oh won’t you be my escape Oh won’t you be my disguise We can cast away all of their judging eyes We can let the day pass until it becomes night Oh won’t you be my disguise Oh won’t you be my release When the cares that keep you up at night have got you losing sleep Cause’ I’m letting the moments pass on by right before me Oh Won’t you be my release Oh won’t you be my one and only Cause the days they all roll into one and the nights they get so lonely And i remember being satisfied but that was long ago Oh won’t you be my one and only Oh won’t you be my one and only Oh won’t you be my escape
Your Fool 03:48
YOUR FOOL Pick up the phone Where are you staying tonight When you get home, won’t you call me when you get in How could I know Know that it wasn’t right Was I just blind What was I expecting How could I know that it would take me over I never asked for this you know Now that you’re here I don’t want you to go I’m spinning round, trying to justify it Trying to clean up the mess you made You’re a little less give and little more take But honey I I will be your fool If you want me to Honey just for you I’ll lay it on the line Cause out on the road I know it gets cold I know it gets lonely Baby you can hold me You’re waking up Gotta get on the road Night after night It’s just another show When did you lose your sense of control And how could you know that it would take you over You never asked for this I know Now that you’re here I don’t want you to go CHORUS If you want We can take it all back, we can take it all back now If you want We can say we never met I can try to just forget you somehow
Holding On 03:09
HOLDING ON Maybe when I wake up you’ll be here Cause I’ve been holing on to a notion so unclear Baby, can we back up can we slow down Cause you’re an ocean overflowing And I think that I might drown But if you give me a chance I might take it I think we might even make it Now… Call me, tell me all your best laid plans Cause I wanted to be something but I was so lost back then And I thought I had you all figured out But I’m here sleeplessly believing that something’s gonna change now Even if you’re a little broken, I’m a little unstable Honey if you’re willing well then I am able Now… All along I’ve been holding on All along I’ve been holding on to hope…
I can feel it when you’re here I can feel it when you’re gone And it’s like wishing on a star in the light of the dawn And if it is not enough I will hold you so you don’t break down Cause it’s getting harder here without you around Oh if it is not enough I’ll be saving all my love It’s just the whisper of the wind Tapping on my windowpane So you think maybe you’ll sleep on it But you’re waking with a dull and aching pain And if it is not enough I will hold you so you don’t slip through Slip through my hands again go making plans with somebody new Oh if it is not enough I’ll be saving all my love Cause I’ve been keeping my head low these days And I will follow where you go Getting a little tired of saving myself So won’t you come on over my way I can feel it when you’re here I can feel it when you’re gone And it’s like wishing on a star in the light of the dawn
Love Like This Take me Take me into your loving arms Break down All the walls that I’ve built around I wanna know you inside out I’ve heard that hope speaks louder than doubt Don’t wake My love don’t wake up yet I think We should stay right here instead Maybe it’s all in our heads We’re better off without it So open up your heart, open up your mind A love like this doesn’t happen all the time We could spend out whole lives getting by Or you could just fade into me tonight Waste them Waste your words on someone else Cause I’ve heard it And I don’t believe it now I wanna wake up up where you are Wanna give you all of my heart Chorus
There were red flags right from the start I ignored them Handed over my heart Cause there were fireworks and sweet words and it felt nice to play along There was music Playing kind of slowly And his hands felt Like something I could hold that’d steady And I wanted to know more Found myself at his door Now every time he goes It’s like a freight train crashing, spinning out of control It doesn’t feel the same This time when he says my name He just looks the other way (but) Don’t call me When it all falls apart I won’t be There to pick up your heart Don’t call me I won’t be waiting Does it feel The same way when she speaks Is it real Does she make you weak Like I did I won’t be waiting There were late nights Staying up till half past three And he made it feel like there was none else but me Never should have let him in Let him underneath my skin Prechourus Chorus Jumpstart My heart Don’t it feel good Don’t you want me anymore I tried So hard Take it easy on my now
Daydreamers 04:53
Did you lose the plot somewhere Writing the wrong ending to the story that you never meant to tell Did you fall apart in his arms Gave yourself away And I don’t see this ending well Waiting for that all elusive happiness to come The one you read about it somewhere, its must be true Waiting for a ship that won’t come in Standing on trial for all your sins And you hope he’ll wait for you But we’re all daydreamers Waiting for the light and we are putting up our guards and we are getting into fights with ourselves Love takers But if you’re sinking down Then I wanna go down too Yeah if you’re falling down I’ll stay with you Did you just lost track of time And before you knew it you were making a life in a dead-end town Forgot about the ones who cared You left them all behind only to wonder bout’ the next time they’ll come round prechorus/ chorus And if you are still not sure babe Well I will keep on waiting Yeah the world still spins when you’re not in my arms Oh cause ones like you don’t come around real often Oh so please forgive me if I’m not myself…


released January 26, 2018

Produced by: Ben Leggett & Rose-Erin Stokes
Recorded and mixed with: Ben Leggett Recording, North Bay
Mastering by: Noah Mintz (Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto)
Cover photo: Rose-Erin Stokes, Edited by: Scott Murdoch
Album layout by: Alana Malcolm


Andrew Sowka - Electric Guitar- 1, 4
Bass-2, 6
Vocal Harmonies- 3, 5, 8, 11
Peter Cliche Dobro- 2, 8
Banjo/ Octave Mandolin- 5
Vince Aquilina - Percussion 2, 6
Ben Leggett - Electric Guitar 1,2
Bass 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11
Programming/ Programmed Percussion. 1-11
Neil Whitford - Electric Guitar- 6, 10, 11.
Jordan Wyshniosky Cello- 3, 5, 7
Meg Stokes - Vocal Harmonies 7, 9
Brigitte Lebel - Vocal Harmonies- 9

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for the financial support of this project!


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Rose-Erin Stokes North Bay, Ontario

Hailing from Northern Ontario, Rose-Erin Stokes' music is raw, honest and tells stories of love lost and silver linings. Her debut EP is full of vulnerable lyrics that give the listener a window into this songstress' heart. Her melodies range from ethereal pop to playful soul to toe tapping folk. ... more

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